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Freshen Your Photo's

"Testimonial Page" 

A variety of shots of men and women - men and women -
before and after "

Mousing over the old picture shows the change on some!


  "We really wanted a picture of this site under construction and the only one we had was this one where someone wandered in.  I decided to take a chance that FreshenYourPhoto could handle this, having seen other work from them that impressed me.  

    I never dreamed it would end up looking SO realistic!  The picture speaks for itself, but I will say that working with FYP was a pleasure!"

                                 - Robin L.


"This job was amazing!  The water-damaged picture was stuck to the frame behind broken glass held by forty year old yellowed tape.  Yet somehow FYP not only restored my grandfather's band, but gave them new life so they aren't lost to time. Thank you!!!

                 - David P.


"I wasn't willing to change my look for my mother's sake, but it was a kick to be able to give her a mother's day photo of me looking the way she wishes I would!  It's realistic, appealing, and someday my skin is going to look that good."


                                                     - Mason S.


"I was able to give my mother an undamaged baby picture of myself.  That's something I never thought I'd be able to do for her.   This is one of only two existing shots of me from the Phillipines, both very damaged.


The turnaround time with FYP was quick and I was able to get this to her by Mother's Day.  I thought we'd both cry.  I'm so glad I could do this for her."


                                                     - Bill A.


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