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Freshen Your Photo's

"Creative Alterations" 

A variety of shots of men and women - men and women -
before and after "

"Freshen Your Photo" can do so much with your photos!


Request: "Get rid of that woman snapping pictures!   And recreate the scene behind her."
It was too late to go back and get photos of the unfinished building, so I created what the building,

windows, and yard probably looked like...without her! 

(Got an ex that you'd like out of a family shot, maybe?)



Request:  "Eliminate everyone but me, President Clinton, and my baby."

I recreated the street scene and even refinished the buildings behind them.



Request:  "Do everything you can to make me and this picture look better," said the bride who'd lost weight AFTER the wedding.

How many things can you find that changed?  I list ten.


1)  Brightness overall

2)  Glare on glasses

3)  Lengthened bride’s neck and reduced double chin

4)  Brightened her teeth

5)  Turned three scowls into partial smiles

6)  Turned shorts and a T-Shirt into a skirt and
      something more like a blouse

7)  Got rid of a nasty ceiling

8)  Slenderized the bride’s face (she lost weight right after the

     wedding and looks more like the right shot now)

9)  Reduced glare on bride’s face and opened the right eye a little

10)The biggie:  Niece out of an arm cast!



Request:  "Can you fix a blurry picture?"

A blurry picture will never be as good as a clear start, but yes there's a lot we can do for some pictures.

Here's one taken of me someone blurred on an iceberg in Alaska, until I cleared it up with software. 
(Yes, icebergs are that dirty up close!)



Request:  "Make the background more interesting...and give me a little more of a 'V' body, too!"





Request:  "Help!  The guitarist for 'The Tighten Ups' didn't get his uniform for the publicity shot
                     and we couldn't reschedule the shoot!"

She asked if I could at least color his jeans and flip-flops black so he wouldn't stand out. 
I said, "We can do way better than that for you."





Request:  "We bought a stock photo of a beach, but want a boat in it to go with our slogan."

Planned Parenthood wanted to make women aware that they could still get the HPV vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer -- even though it's not in the news much these days.   They liked the idea of "you didn't miss the boat" but couldn't find a good quality shot of a woman looking out at a boat from a beach.


Instead, they purchased the shot on the left below for a low price and hired me to put the boat in for them.  A little recropping...a little text...and it yielded the resulting ad:




Request:  "What red shade is best on this accent wall?  If I get it wrong, what a hassle!"

I even simulated what light from the shower window coming in would look like on the paint nearer to the ceiling.


Thanks to FreshenYourPhoto, they avoided lots of guesswork, skipped all the red tones, and picked #5 -- blue!


I've also put couches from catalogues into a room picture to see how that would look before making such a big purchase (can send those pics upon request).



Request:  "We don't know the guy at the bottom of the slide, so remove him."

Notice how I recreated the bark, blue poles, and grass that we would have seen behind him.
And just for fun, we put in the photographer's dog instead of the guy!

While we were at it, I got rid of that nasty garbage pail in the background, too.



Personal goal:  "Create a little danger behind my mother in the pool."

It IS a real tornado, but it was nowhere near her.  Nor the flying cow:



Client:  "The beach wedding was nice, but the day was overcast."

Not when I was done with it.   They got the beautiful weather they deserved.



SPECIAL BONUS PAGE:  How many ways can we do something fun and cool with your special

                                                                       moment photo?  Click over to this BONUS PAGE to see over ten

                                                                       fun variations on Greg and Karyn's wedding photo.




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