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"Graphics Work" 






  Why use a dull "head-in-a-box" card...

....Hand people something really fresh and memorable!

Others We've Created:

Halli Lorentz, founder of the peace project
"Eight Around The World" didn't have
a logo or a card.

We brainstormed her vision and developed the logo together...and then created the simple name-free card that she wanted for the group's supporters to pass along.

This is the other logo I created for them. 
It makes sense if you know the goal of the organization: At
8am and 8pm every day, they would like people worldwide to stop and focus on world peace for five minutes, connecting the whole world each 12 hours.

She agreed that this logo portrayed their mission graphically, but preferred the simpicity of the idea above with the infinity-like eight (which I found online) super-imposed upon the NASA earth photo.

Professional speaker group
Speaker Source of San Diego
needed something simple, bright, and
clearly showing their benefits. 
Fitness coach Sean Newton liked himself wearing black, but still wanted a bright card.  We shot this in a field by his home and liked the background enough that we chose to use it as it was instead of cutting him out. 

I did fix some dead spots in the lawn, though and took out some whiter leaves that made the font harder to read.
"OMG! Computer Services" is a great, memorable business name, but Joe's old card wasn't equally memorable.

This design sticks in one's mind.  Who hasn't screamed in horror at their computer at some point? 

Hopefully, they'll have Joe's card around next time!

Michael Varnen, massage therapist with www.ProfoundBodywork.com  wanted us to develop something warm and inviting. 

He already had a great photo. 
We made it a great card.




The photo we altered after Greg and Karyn's wedding photo worked well for an invitation. 


From this dark, overcast shot to.........................................




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