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"FAQs About Our Shoots" 

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Q1.   Are you a professional photographer?

Q2.   What do you charge for a photo shoot?

Q3.   How is payment handled?

Q4.   I see that you sometimes post your work on your website?  Am I at risk of that?

Q5.   Do you watermark the photos?

Q6.   What is turnaround time like?

Q7.   Where do you do the shoots?

Q8.   I've seen your ads in multiple cities...where do you actually shoot?

Q9.   Do you print photos for me?

Q10. Why do you request a face shot of me in advance?



Q1.   Are you a professional photographer?


A.   I am not a full-on professional photographer and if you're wanting truly professional shots done,
      there's nothing like hiring a professional!  I'd be happy to refer you to ones that I trust. 


      That being said, I'm hoping you've looked around on this site and discovered that I certain do more
      than a decent photo and continue to get better all the time in my passion for portrait photography.
      My camera isn't the highest end, but it's an above-average Panasonic Lumix with a Leica lens.

      If you just want some nice pictures and professional shooting fees are out of your price range,

      see a few of shoots I've done on the  "We Photograph"  tab.

      I've also pasted a couple of shots at the bottom of this page, if you scroll.


      If my level of photography meets your needs, it will probably be less than half the cost of
      hiring most pros and my clients to date have all appreciated my creativity and comfortable style. 
      Every shoot is important to me and your being comfortable working with me is as important
      as the outcome.


      And the nice thing about "Freshen Your Photo" is that you don't have to be a pro either! 
      We can make that picture we take (or was taken of you elsewhere) look great without much fuss.

      Editing can cost extra, though, if you opt for that, so do know that going in.


Q2.    What do you charge for a photo shoot?


A.    My current rate is $75 for a half-hour shoot plus $25 for each additional 15 minutes. 
       We can generally get some nice shots of you in 30 minutes, but there aren't going to be
       many clothing changes because of the time involved in each outfit and the time of changing
       clothes -- especially if that mean returning indoors from scenery shots. 


       If you're wanting the variety that comes from different outfits and locations, you may want to
       budget for a little more time.  


Q3.   How is payment handled?


A.   Payment is generally done in cash at the time of the shoot.  If we're hitting the end of our allotted
      time, I always point that out so that no one is ever surprised by additional time costs.  In that moment,

      you get to decide if we're done or if you'd like to add 15 more minutes.


Q4.   I see that you sometimes post your work on your website?  Am I at risk of that?


A.   I WISH I could show all of my favorite work I've done for clients, but their privacy comes first.

      However, I'm appreciative when a client tells me that it would be okay to post some of their

      pictures as examples.


Q5.   Do you mark the photos in any way like photographers do?


A.   Generally, your photos will say "Photo by FreshenYourPhoto.com" somewhere on them.  If you have

      a situation where this would be a problem for you, discuss it with me.  I realize, for instance, that you
      can't have that on your business card photo!


Q6.   What is turnaround time like?


A.   Depends on the length of the shoot and my schedule.  Most jobs are under a week.  In some cases,
      I can get you a couple of the pictures the same day by email.


Q7.    Where do you do the shoots?


A.    If you're not too far away, I like to take advantage of your space, just to avoid all pictures I take

       having the same backgrounds.  If that's not an option, my place or an outdoor location like Balboa
       Park can also work.


Q8.   I've seen your ads in multiple cities...where do you actually shoot?


A.   While I can do editing from anywhere you can email me, I am currently only taking pictures myself in
      my home city of San Diego.  However, if you learned of me in another city, it is because I have begun
      partnering with photographers in other cities whose work and work ethics I have checked out and
      feel comfortable collaborating with. 


      If you are interested in seeing the work of my photographers in
      L.A., Long Beach, Phoenix, or anyplace else you heard of FreshenYourPhoto,

      just let me know where YOU are and I'll share examples of their work. 


      Note:  Rates for different photographers in different cities may not match mine based on

      their experience level.


Q9.   Do you print photos?


A.   No.  The majority of our clients are looking for .jpgs they can post online, print on their own digital printer or send it to any print shop,
      like your local drug store.  If it is more sensual in nature, you'd have to either find a printer who is okay with that or do one

      of those drug store self-print machines and just hover over it so no one sees what you're printing.   
      I've also been told that, at Costco (in particular, Fenton Parkway was mentioned as helpful), if you speak to the manager in advance,

      they're surprisingly accommodating of printing almost anything.  But I haven't tested that yet.  :-)


Q10.  Why do you request a face shot of me in advance?


A.   We require a clear face shot in advance for the protection of my photographers (or me). If the person shows up and doesn't look similar to that,
      we have a problem. Why? Because if the photographer knows to only let someone in who looks like the photo in advance, then heaven forbid

      we ever get someone crazy, we have a photo of him/her for the police. Six years in business, thankfully, it's never happened,
      But if it's ever kept one of my team safe because a crazy person wouldn't send a photo in advance, it's worth it to me.



(See more on the "We Photograph" tab)





      See the fully gallery of photos I'VE taken myself, click over to the We Photograph tab.

Also, here are a few fun shots that I took that aren't on the site: www.FreshenYourPhoto.com/mygallery




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