Contact by email

for editing digital photos 


The best way to reach us for more information!




Hello!  We're open to phone calls at 619-542-0761 as well between 9am and 7pm, but unless there's an urgency or email is difficult for you, we prefer to begin with email when possible so you have our undivided attention when we call you.  And often we've looked at your photos by then so we're talking more accurately!


Rather than using a contact form, we ask you to do the following so we can get started more effectively:

  1. Create a new email, setting the address to photos @ FreshenYourPhoto . com

  2. Set the subject line to "FYP Digital Photo" plus your name (so we'll know it's not spam).

  3. In the body of the note, include the following:

  1. Each file needs to be attached to your note, not in the body of the note.  We cannot open in-line photos to edit.

  2. You may attach more than one image to the same email.
    However, if the combined size of the shots is over 10M, your email might bounce and we'd never hear from you.
    If this is the case, please split them into separate emails, keeping the total on each under 10M.
    If any of the individual shots are over 10M, call for options on that.

Please note:  FreshenYourPhoto rarely does your printing.  Whether you are giving us paper to scan or

sending us digital images, the final results are freshened .jpg versions of the photo(s).  From those, you

are welcome to post them online, email them to people, and (of course) print as many as you'd like at your

local drugstore, Costco, etc. for about half of what we would charge you to do the printing. 

We occasionally make an exception to help clients who simply don't know how to get things printed nowadays.

This is a different model than many photographers who charge you for each printing and

keep the rights to the edited photos.  We want the final version to be yours for your own permanent usage.


Lastly, if your shot is b/w, consider colorizing.  Beyond just restoring a shot, you can see how it brings these precious moments

and people so much more life!  Here's just one example of the many colorizations we've done (see more here):